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Willard J. Clouse, of Kentucky,
SSGT 320 FA BN 82 ABN DIV SN 35135378 (Plot B, 1 ,20), was killed in action (KIA) June 7, 1944 (D-Day +1), and is interred in the American Cemetery in Normandy, France. In tribute to Willard, and 41 of his comrades likewise interred at Normandy, full-size reproduction markers (pictured) have been created for the D-Day Memorial.


Many came to visit. Perhaps even some old comrades.


"Where do we find such men?"

Attributed to many, but perhaps most notably to
Sir Winston Churchill.

Photo by Bernard Joy Photography

After 15 years of sun exposure, the foam monuments are in such a state of decay, that they no longer can provide a respectful depiction of the monuments they emulate. Regrettably, for this reason, there will be no 2019 D-Day memorial. Perhaps in future years a new set of monuments will be produced, but until such time, this memorial is closed.

WWII Victory Medal
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Launch video about the Memorial, 6th, June, 2012, by virginie kippelen

Launch video about the Memorial 6th, June, 2007, by CNN

Touching Contribution from an Anonymous Visitor

On Saturday, 6th June, 2009, an anonymous visitor placed two service medals (WAR ON TERRORISM) and (IRAQ CAMPAIGN) on the replica monument for "A COMRADE IN ARMS KNOWN BUT TO GOD" at the Atlanta D-Day memorial. It is with the greatest sense of respect and gratitude this heartfelt contribution is accepted and will be maintained. Thank you for a most generous and intimate contribution.





The World War II Victory Medal/Ribbon was awarded by Act of Congress on 6 July, 1945 to all members of the armed forces who served at least one day active federal service between 7 December, 1941 and
31 December, 1946.

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See the new visitor center in Normandy, dedicated
6th, June, 2007!

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